The Search for a Cure Led him to Christ

Baba Lawi is an elderly resident of Kona community. In his younger days he was one of the prominent traditionalists of the community involved in all kinds witchcraft.  Like the woman in the Bible with the issue of blood, Baba Lawi had traversed many places in search of a remedy to an ailment he had suffered from for quite a long time, spending a fortune in the process but all to no avail. After all his efforts proved abortive and the hope of finding a cure to his ailment got bleaker as the days went by, Baba Lawi,  in a last-ditch attempt to find a solution called upon the missionary stationed at Bakin Kogi Prayer House, pastor Bitrus Danladi. When the pastor arrived at Baba’s residence, the senior, asked to be prayed for and also revealed that the he had been having deeply disturbing nightmares. Without hesitation, the missionary alongside others, swung into action and fervently prayed for healing for o Baba Lawi and God demonstrated his power. A little later, the old man felt much better. Realizing the power of prayer, he took his faith a notch further and made the ultimate decision to give his life to Christ.

Today, Baba Lawi has turned away from his old ways and no longer practices witchcraft. He goes to church every day and has dedicated his life to Christ to the glory of God. Continue to pray for Baba’s complete healing and the strengthening of his faith in Christ Jesus.

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