Lost in the Church But Found By Christ!

There was a certain man, Mr. Ezekiel Adamu, who had been attending church for most of his life, but had not yet given his life to Christ. After the death of his father he became a practicing witchdoctor and was the chairman for those who smoke ‘lope’ (traditional smoking pipe). But one day all of that changed.

To the glory of God, on the 9th of June, Ezekiel Adamu encountered the Lord Jesus Christ and was forever changed. He was a church goer but lost until Christ found him. He surrendered his life to His Savior that day and his first step as a brand new believer was to hand over all his charms and ritual items to be burnt. The Pastor of the church, Rev. Yohanna Agushi, along with elders of the church, received those items and burnt them.

Satan, having lost a follower, planned a counter-attack the very next day. Pastor Bahago was a key player in the conversion of Mr. Adamu and soon his son became mysteriously ill. He was rushed to the hospital after hours of prayer, and was hospitalized for 6 days. The missionary with his team and family continued to intercede on his behalf during this time and alas, the Lord’s hand prevailed. The young man soon recovered and is at full strength today. Hallelujah! Praise God for the life of Ezekiel and for the healing of Pastor Bahago’s son!  Ask the Lord to increase His strength on Ezekiel so he stands firm in the Lord.

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