Areas of Ministry

Medical Out Reach

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Retreat Center

EMS of Ecwa

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The unit was established with the sole purpose of Missionary Health Care by organizing seminars/trainings for missionaries on preventive and curative health care; providing counseling/treatment for sick missionaries and planting of EMS missionary health care clinics in specific unreached areas where there is no medical facility for the purpose of evangelism


This unit is responsible for organizing seminars, workshops and trainings in different areas of ministries to enhance the effectiveness of missionaries both spiritually and academically. The office also oversees the affairs of EMS missionaries on training and provides counseling, visitation and prayers to them.

Retreat Centre
Lakwame, Rhizha

There are Retreat Centres located in Lakwame in Kaltungo and Rhizha near Jos. Apart from the Hostel and Hall in the centres, there are small rooms built on the mountain purposely for prayers in Jos. This prayer mountain is open to all individuals, families, fellowship groups and churches within and outside ECWA.

City ministry

This unit is made up of several other areas of ministry including Gidan Bege (House of Hope), which focuses on meeting the human needs of the street children in order to effectively evangelize them. King’s Kids cares for under privileged children; while City Sports, uses sports to reach out to youths. Challenge Cinema helps in developing biblical story films used as an evangelical tool.

EMS Children School

For more than three decades, the education of EMS Missionary Children became a major issue to the Ministry. In the early sixties, an EMS Children School was built in Wushishi, Niger State and later in Miango Plateau State but could not survive due to poor funding.
EMS took a bold step taken and open another school in Lakwame in North East. We are equally planning to start another one for Far North region and possibly upgrade the one in Jos to a secondary level.

Radio Ministry:

Radio ministry is centered on the core-north of Nigeria. It broadcasts presently in Hausa and Fulfulde. It has proved to be very powerful and fruitful as many converts are recorded from this part of the country. Many seekers have also received help through questions and answers.

Equally, the ECWA Churches in the North are being mobilized to pray in chain throughout 24 hours for the salvation of the Muslims

youths. Challenge Cinema helps in developing biblical story films used as an evangelical tool.

Prayer and Promotion:

As the name implies, the unit promotes the work of EMS through publications – News Letters, Prayer Calendars, Internet and Public Relations activities. It also collects and analyzes missionaries’ reports and research information.

Sport Ministry:

EMS is using sport as a tool in reaching the youths and the younger ones, to transformed their lives both physical and spiritual, strengthening communities in relationship building and restoring broken relationship and conflict between tribes, clans, parents and children etc.