Pray with us

The foremost and greatest of them is that of prayer for a greater, mightier move of the Holy Spirit of God in EMS and the outpouring of the latter rain of God’s Holy Spirit upon our Missionaries and mission stations.

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As a Missionary

Pray and Go for full-time or short time mission work in EMS.

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As a Partner

Join our esteemed Team of supporters as you support one or more missionaries. (For now the support per missionary is NGN240, 000 per year).

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Sponsor any of our projects

-EMS medical bills and welfare. Average missionary medical bills is about NGN3million per year. You can contribute towards subsidizing the bills. There are needs for a doctor and an Ambulance – estimated to cost NGN4.9million.
-EMS missionaries’ children education is grossly inadequate. You can help by sponsoring or contributing towards a school project. You can sponsor a missionary child with NGN60,000 per year.
-Printing of EMS newsletters and prayer calendars. You can donate any amount towards this purpose.
-Funding needed for missions facilities and field equipment. For example, 2 Hiluxes needed, Audio Visual Equipment, Motor Cycles etc, for Regions and Missionaries on the field respectively.

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Project Completed



EMS Tomorrow

Indeed it is not over until it is over. Though much has been achieved, a lot more needs to be accomplished for the Harvest to be completed. Therefore, EMS is looking ahead on the following:
To increase urban ministry engagement.
To recruit and train non-traditional or tent making missionaries.
To encourage and equip EMS missionaries’ Children and all ECWA youth to become missionaries of tomorrow as Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Businessmen and other professional.
Increase in wholistic aspects, especially in increasingly crisis ridden world.