Some years back, Help For The Brethren, Germany, in partnership with EMS of ECWA, built a clinic in Gwada, Bauchi State of Northern Nigeria, in order to reach out to this Mission field with the gospel and the practical love of Christ through medical care. This clinic for several reasons was let fallow for many years until recently, when God helped us once again, to resuscitate it. The Clinic which needed some renovation work and painting, is now fully operational. This clinic is situated in the predominant Isawa Community. This is a unique sect of Muslims who extol Jesus above any other Prophet in the Koran. They do not subscribe to most of the normal Islamic practices because of their commitment to Isa (Jesus), yet they are not Christians, as they do not have the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus. For example, they do not pray five times a day and they do not bow down their heads in prayer as other Muslims do but meet in fellowship, but to discuss and mediate on the Koran. The Scripture is indeed true of them that they are not far from the Kingdom. Please, pray that God will reveal Himself to the Isawa people and that they will come to the knowledge of Christ as not just the greatest Prophet, but as their Saviour and Lord. Our Missionary Health worker Silas M. Agang, a graduate of School of Health Technology Kagoro seconded to EMS by the ECWA Community Health Department started operating the Clinic on 23rd November 2010. As at 31st December, he had attended to about 52 patients for various ailments. As at January 16th 2011 when we visited him, he had already attended to about 26 patients, an indication that more are beginning to attend the clinic as the word spreads round. The Health worker is working very closely with our EMS Missionary, Joshua Maimako, to reach out to Gwada and nearby villages. The Chief of Gwada, an Isawa Himself, and many members of the community who were disappointed when the clinic could not run, are very receptive and appreciative of the blessing of the clinic to the community. A Church has already been planted with about thirty worshippers in attendance every Sunday. Please pray that more Isawas, will experience the saving touch of the Lord Jesus as they seek His healing touch.

Who We Are

To raise, send and support missionaries.

Right from the earliest days of SIM missionary efforts in Nigeria, the pioneers had a firm belief in small beginnings so they started encouraging Nigerianls to form an indigenous mission agency as far back as 1947. They were to raise, send and support their own missionaries. In 1949, the dream became a reality and African Missionary Society (AMS) was established. Today is known as the Evangelical....


What We Do

An EMS missionary family on their station...

Some of the main aims of EMS are:

  • cross-cultural evangelism
  • church planting among the unreached
  • discipling and training members to reproduce other disciples


Mission in view...

Kom land is well-known with fetism, and its strong observance of the African traditional religion. In the face of the...